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Increase Your Business Using Google

SEO is the best way to increase exposure for a website. Extra traffic means, more customers.
Local service providers benefit tremendously using search engine optimisation (SEO) such as lawyers, dentists, plumbers, electricians, reals estate agents, construction companies, surgeons and just about every other business that you can imagine.
We are your local SEO expert sending your website extra visitors- getting results beyond your wildest dreams. In other words, we can increase the number of customers significantly.

This result is from what SEO will do for your business.

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If you continue to do the same things that you have always been doing- you can expect the same results. However, if you are itching to take a step forward- move into a future with more certainty. Then, one of our services can help you.

Don’t stay stuck in the same ‘ole ways. Step out, step up and get results while your competitors struggle. They cannot see the impact technology will have on the future of all businesses like you can.

You are nothing like your competitor that’s why you are here- stop fussing and take action.

I own a small business here in New Plymouth and am very impressed with how quickly I saw results from the work Aardvark did for my google rankings for my website.
Burt has a huge knowledge into SEO services and how to get your website functioning to bring more work into your business.
I highly recommend his SEO services if you are like me who has no idea of how any of that kind of behind the scenes stuff works to get your business and website more availably seen through google search engine. Thank you for your professional and quick service, Burt!

Jenna Hitchcock

I was actually impressed with your overall knowledge and how you conveyed to us how to approach online marketing solutions using our websites and how to structure them to ‘capture’ people with their wallets out looking for our services. The investment for your ongoing seo services has blown us all away thanks a ton! Phoebe Hewitt

Recently Burt from Aardvark Works helped me with some education & training with Social Media Marketing Strategies. Prior to my training I never really understood the importance of Social Media Strategies. My training was taken at a slow pace, explained clearly and in common terminology. I now have a clear understanding of social media.
Burt has put our firm on the map and we would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Burt

Diane Taylor

A website is completely useless unless found. Our work gets your site not only found, but sends you new customers on autopilot.

Other companies are happy to take your money and not inform you it won’t get seen because It’s not architecturally pleasing to Google. The truth is many website designers can’t do correct SEO. In fact, most companies charging for SEO do not know how to do it either. This practice leaves a deep hole in your wallet with no ongoing beneficial return on investment. Your website can also be at risk of a penalty by Google and de-indexed.

In summary, having a great looking website is one thing. Correct architecture is the best starting point for any website- even if it’s ugly.

What is best is having a modern web design with correct SEO architecture. Contact us today and we will make this a reality for you.

Let’s be real. Having a website is one thing, but if your web property is not delivering relevant information to your visitors. Then you are wasting time and energy and leaving money on the table. We will ensure that your site is relevant to your needs and your markets needs.

Relevancy is super important for your website. So what we do is liaise with you to find out who your market is and come up with a strategy that will be most beneficial to your market and your business. We have incredible strategies that can be implemented across most market types we think you’ll be surprised!

The sole aim of your website should be to serve as three functions.

1. Collect leads for future marketing.

2. Provide value, Provide value, Provide value.

3. Lead site users to take some concrete action.

All of this is part of the funnel system. Most online marketing agencies fail to recognise and tell you that your funnel begins with SEO.

You can have a website that is set up for high conversions and providing amazing content and getting people to take specific actions. But that’s completely useless unless this traffic is coming to your website.

To get the results you first need to be seen by Google and recognised by Google that you are an authority on the subject. Google does this by using sophisticated algorithms which regularly updated.

You can’t be expected to be keeping up with what Google is doing you run a business you shouldn’t have too. It’s our duty here Aardvark works, our responsibility, to make sure that your website pleases Google.

When your site is correctly set up, has all the conversion elements in place is an informative place for your users. Is easy for them to navigate through and to take a particular action you need them too.

The icing on the cake is the results, more traffic, more clients, more revenue. If you want to future proof your business today, head straight over to our main service page and fill out our form.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal for people to have questions about what we do and while this is only a brief overview of the frequently asked questions. that will give you some insight into who we accept how long it takes and what SEO was from a bird’s eye view.
If you have any questions regarding our services and how it can help you. The best thing to do is fill out our form on our get our main service page.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Our SEO services are available to any website owner.  However, not all businesses are a good fit for our service. We have all potential clients fill out our main service form which gives us a clear indication as to whether we would be a good fit or not and what may be available to anyone applying for our service.

What is your turn around time?

The amount of time that it takes to finish a project varies as we are at the mercy of Google. We do pass on to our clients that they should expect at least three months before a significant result, this is normal.
Because the returns are so high it is an insignificant amount of time to wait.

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