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At Aardvark Works SEO, our team is here because nothing matters more than helping small businesses like yours achieve their goals through professional consulting services.

Our marketing experts help identify every aspect of your operation while engaging with key personnel members from start to finish—and this results in high-quality projects which meets the project scope.

We are one of the best SEO specialists around and offer SEO services that not only help your website get found on google but also make sure that your site doesn’t get penalized by Google’s latest updates.

We have been in business for more than 5 years now and our 20-year experience has helped us become the best SEO expert in Taranaki.

I didn’t have any investment when I first started to hire a company to help me. So, I learnt myself with astounding results.

It all began with needing a website and now we are able to replicate the process much faster than before; by learning how to build optimised websites in front of my computer for more than 10 years now you get direct SEO benefits!

Nowadays, my clients get optimized sites that reach online Google users as fast as possible!

We aspire to create a company that is the best at what we do, which means being the best SEO agency in Taranaki.

We want to be the SEO agency that you will proudly recommend to all of your colleagues. You’ll brag about us at industry events, and when asked, “Why is your website performing so well?” you will reply with our name.

We put customer success first. We work tirelessly to get you a website that gets found in a sea of competitors and deliver it on time, on budget, and with quality. I’m looking forward to earning your trust in the months and years to come.

Please know that I am available to discuss anything you’d like—no holds barred.

To create lasting value by providing best-in-class SEO consulting and services that get our clients to achieve long-term success.

We believe in honesty and complete transparency, ethical practices based on search engine algorithm best practices.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

I’ve helped many companies get more “ready to buy” visitors from search engines, and we can do the same for you. Trust someone who does what they claim - book a session with a growth advisor now!

100% Ranking Success

Aardvark Works is an SEO company specialising in short sprints, combining proprietary technology with our senior SEO analyst expertise. A clear scope of work with live viewing of the project with our purpose-built client portal. We guarantee first page rankings.

Any business is valid for our services

It's a scary thought. But, there are so many ways to get found on the Internet. If you're not sure what your business will be successful in this digital age- fear no more! I guarantee that with my expert SEO guidance, any company will succeed online.

100% Protection

Google is a force to be reckoned with, but I have insights that your business can capitalize on. Be assured that no client site has ever been penalized by a Google update...Ever!

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Burt Ropiha

Burt Ropiha

Director | senior seo analyst

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Yes We're Helping local Business Grow Big

When we first started with Burt we were getting 20% of new clients coming from Google now 5 years later we are getting 75%.


Gardiner Gas & Plumbing

We started getting a lot more enquiries and phone calls, and emails. When you start getting overrun with calls, you can pick and choose the kind of work you want to do.


Rapidwire Electrical

25 years of experience