About  Us

“The road to greatness begins with a desire followed by the first step.”

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Long story short

Aardvark Works is a New Plymouth-based Search Engine Marketing agency.

Aardvark Works specialises in:

– SEO strategies

– Google Maps

– SEO Banner Advertising

– Online Advertising

– Re-targeting

Aardvark Works focuses on results and a strong, steadfast commitment to our customers. While we cannot guarantee rankings, we do deliver incredible value for our clients. Our motto is Be Seen | Be Relevant | Get Results. Getting local businesses more customers is what we are all about.


Long story 

My journey began out of a need to get things done myself. I did not have an investment when I first started to hire a company to help me. So, I learnt myself with astounding results.
It all began with needing a website and I spent more than ten years in front of a computer trying to become more successful.
I learnt how to build websites to a point where I could replicate it time and time again much faster.
During this time, I learnt about digital marketing and search engine optimisation.
Today I help other businesses get customers from their websites.
My clients don’t have to invest time or money learning to do what I have learnt to do.
My results knowledge, experience make me an expert.
A small part of the skill set I have acquired over the years are:
– Building websites
– Search engine optimisation strategies
– Email marketing campaigns
– Social media strategy
– Content strategies
– Conversion rate optimisation
– Video and audio production
– Online advertising
– Google Maps SEO marketing
Our clients can relax and trust us to take care of everything, so they can focus on their business.
Aardvark works provide the tools to help you become more successful.


We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Who is Aardvark Works?

Aardvark works is internet marketing results-oriented agency. We use Google as the primary tool for creating monetisation for website owners.
Our agency generates excellent results for online and local business owners. Don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be a life-changing decision.

Burt Ropiha

Founder of Aardvark Works

I am a proud dad of two boys and an accomplished musician.
I love to keep fit n healthy, go swimming at the beach in the summer watch random videos on youtube and facebooks video feed.
I like to cook… yes I like to COOK!
P.S I am unapologetically not a cat lover!
P.S.S I love the city of New Plymouth, and I think my friends are kinda cool