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Digital Marketing

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

The landscape for digital advertising is changing dramatically as we head towards 2022 with more people using adblockers, and new technologies like chatbots predicted to become mainstream.

In our opinion, the key shift has already happened with a move away from being ‘pushy’ advertisers to content creators. Pushing products in front of consumers can be seen as too intrusive and ultimately ineffective these days – brands must keep things subtle whilst still engaging their audience.

This also means that innovation on mobile apps has become essential – there are now just over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide with around 2 billion active application downloads every day – so it’s no longer enough to solely focus on desktop website ads or even Facebook ads (a

It’s no secret that the landscape for digital advertising is changing dramatically. With adblockers, and new technologies like chatbots predicted to become mainstream, this key shift has already happened – brands must keep things subtle whilst still engaging their audience. We believe in the power of content creation, so we invest heavily in ensuring all our creatives are constantly up-to-date with everything happening online as well as offline to ensure we’re producing relevant content regardless of the channel or medium.

social media

What will social media be like in 2022?
Popular social media platforms could look very different from today. Mobile use, for example, is set to grow significantly and new design trends may emerge based on recent innovations such as increased VR (virtual reality) capabilities.



Google My Business

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Another beautiful digital marketing aspect is the ability to network with people around the world who are operating in the same market space as you are.

Video Marketing

There has never been a better time for website owners to use video marketing in their outreach efforts.

Gone are the days where you needed to invest thousands of dollars just to get started. All you need is a cell phone some decent light and audio to start.


Email marketing has been one of the most successful driving forces of revenue gathering techniques for online business owners and will continue to do so.

As long as you have an email list of rabid fans for your product, there will always be a way to generate revenue for your business.

market research

Marketing online effectively requires the use of analytical tools.

This can include using Google analytics through to specialized software.

Having Intel data enables you to be more specific with your marketing and precise targeting generate more efficient results.


You can use Google or Facebook to market your products online effectively.

Advertising can also be used just to generate traffic to your website for exposure for your brand.


It may seem like a silly idea- the very idea of using audio as an outreach marketing tool.

However, one simply cannot argue away the runaway success of podcasts or using audio on your website as a way to provide value in your marketing efforts

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