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Are You Using These Tools?

Digital Marketing

Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Our digital marketing agency uses as many tools like the items listed below. You should add these to your marketing tool belt to connect your product or service to your ideal customers. These digital marketing goodies help us to get our vision or ideas across more effectively. If you’re not using any of these tools below to market right now- start integrating one that you feel you are capable of tackling.

Our New Plymouth online marketing services are not just limited to New Plymouth but also achieve excellent results internationally. This is the beauty of the skill base that we implement with the businesses that we partner with.

Want to get started using effective digital marketing techniques for your business?

social media

Unless you are stuck in a time warp living in the 17th century, you will know about the world’s largest social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social media should be right at the forefront of your digital marketing campaign strategies.


It is important that you are using your website blog as an outreach tool for your digital marketing efforts.

This should include employing tactics to write on other topical or niche related blogs as well.

auto responders

Many companies have popped up over the last few years that specialize in sending out mail sequences to people who have agreed ti receive emails from you.

From Infusionsoft through to Get Response or Aweber there are many different available options for automatically sending out mail for your marketing campaigns.


Another beautiful digital marketing aspect is the ability to network with people around the world who are operating in the same market space as you are.

Video Marketing

There has never been a better time for website owners to use video marketing in their outreach efforts.

Gone are the days where you needed to invest thousands of dollars just to get started. All you need is a cell phone some decent light and audio to start.


Email marketing has been one of the most successful driving forces of revenue gathering techniques for online business owners and will continue to do so.

As long as you have an email list of rabid fans for your product, there will always be a way to generate revenue for your business.

market research

Marketing online effectively requires the use of analytical tools.

This can include using Google analytics through to specialized software.

Having Intel data enables you to be more specific with your marketing and precise targeting generate more efficient results.


You can use Google or Facebook to market your products online effectively.

Advertising can also be used just to generate traffic to your website for exposure for your brand.


It may seem like a silly idea- the very idea of using audio as an outreach marketing tool.

However, one simply cannot argue away the runaway success of podcasts or using audio on your website as a way to provide value in your marketing efforts

If you have The Vision To reach your ideal customer we will help you to turn it into reality