Would you put a fine dining restaurant, complete with valets and top chefs in the middle of the desert?

Or how about this, would you build a shopping mall wherever you pleased without planning ahead of time, strategizing and just going on the notion that if you build it, people will just find it?

Sound silly, right?

It does, however when you build a website without doing the proper research and strategizing, that’s what your are essentially doing.

It doesn’t matter how great your steaks are or that your desserts are one of a kind, if no one can find your restaurant or if you just hope they show up, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

If you are a local business in New Plymouth, you CANNOT afford to make this mistake.

And that’s what SEO is all about – Visibility and putting yourself in the right place, so you can make the right offer to the right customers.

Does it still work?

The landscape of SEO is ever changing. Large search engines like Google change the way they rank websites on a regular basis, and keeping up with the changes is not for the faint of heart.

What worked five years ago, doesn’t work today. Some of it might, but chances are that most don’t.

The landscape of local SEO has changed dramatically as well, with the search engines weighing heavily on providing the best user experience possible. There is no longer the ability to “game” the system into higher local rankings (which is why your New Plymouth SEO company needs to know what they are doing).

google seo

SEO firms

If you hire the right SEO firm in New Plymouth who knows what they are doing, uses what currently works and what has always worked (quality user content) and stays current on all things SEO, then hold on to them.


Finding the right SEO firm to get your site and business ranked with relevant keywords and phrases (hint: buying keywords and phrases), is extremely crucial moving forward into 2016.

If your website is not

1) Properly SEO’d and 2) Mobile device ready or if your SEO company isn’t doing this for you, then your business is in BIG trouble.

If you don’t even have a website then you may actually be in a better position, as you’ll be able to start fresh.

Look, like we mentioned earlier, your business is only as good as its location and how customers can find it. Your website presence is much the same.

If you get this right from the beginning, or if you haven’t in the past and are doing things to get it corrected right now, then 2016 could be a very prosperous year for you.

content is king

So what can you do moving forward?

There are two big things.

The first thing is ensuring that you have a mobile ready website, and the second is making sure that you hire the right New Plymouth company to do your SEO.

Your business depends on it.

If you are looking for a New Plymouth SEO company please contact us about our seo new plymouth services today.