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What is an SEO Company & what do they do for you?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, in short, is getting your online assets found by people searching on the internet.

An SEO service providers main objective is to ‘optimise’ aka make your website search engine friendly.

The objective is to optimise your website for search engines such as Google, Bing and yahoo. You can increase your chances of getting found, and the biggest reward comes in the form of getting your business website on the first page.

When someone asks what an SEO company is, they are referring to a service provider that does the heavy SEO lifting on your behalf.

An SEO Agency takes care of the things that most business cannot get done because of a lack of skilled, knowledgeable SEO staff, time and resources.

The SEO companies services may include but aren’t limited to website audits, tailored SEO blueprints, outreach campaigns and link building strategies. An SEO partnership generates more of your ideal ‘prospects’ to your website.

An SEO company can help your business succeed online by giving your business website a significant advantage over competitors.

“When we first started with Burt we were getting 20% of new clients coming from Google now 5 years later we are getting 75%.”
Shane Gardiner

Director, Gardiner Gas & Plumbing

“We started getting a lot more enquiries and phone calls and emails. When you start getting overrun with you calls you can pick and choose the kind of work you want to do.”
Nathan Strachan

Owner, Rapid Wire Electrical

seo company
We specialize in getting websites to the first page of Google gaining our clients visibility and new customers.

Enquire about our SEO services or consultancy packages today!

web designer
Effective web design is not just about how pretty something looks but about the architecture.

Structuring a website that generates a result is always priority.

Contact us for a tailor-made solution for you.

social media manager
Learn to find and be more efficient with your social media properties.

You could be using the wrong ones and possibly wasting time. Let us show you the right medium for your business.

Learn to understand when and what to post and how to get results.

blog content
Learn how to craft the right content at the right time with the least amount of effort. Create and structure content that is valuable to your audience.
video marketing

Using video to market your business is fundamental to getting up close and personal with your demographic. People love to watch videos, and every company has an equal opportunity to rise to the occasion.

Contact us today to start learning effective video marketing and be ahead of the curve.

email marketing
learn how to collect your ideal prospects emails. Discover how to market to them correctly, to generate trust value and profit.

The saying ‘the money is on the list’ couldn’t be any more relevant today or in the future. Learn to do this correctly.

Get an unfair advantage over your competition.
More Than A Motto
Be Seen
A website is completely useless unless found. Our work gets your site not only found, but sends you new customers on autopilot.

Other companies are happy to take your money and not inform you it will not get seen because It is not architecturally pleasing to Google.

The truth is many website designers cannot do correct SEO. In fact, most companies charging for SEO do not know how to do it either.

This practice leaves a deep hole in your wallet with no ongoing beneficial return on investment.

Your website can also be at risk of a penalty by Google and de-indexed.

In summary, having a great looking website is one thing. Correct architecture is the best starting point for any website- even if it is ugly.

What is best is having a modern web design with proper SEO structure.

Contact us today, and we will make this a reality for you.

Be Relevant
Let’s be real. Having a website is one thing, but if your web property is not delivering relevant information to your visitors then you are wasting time and energy. We will ensure that your site is relevant to your needs and your markets needs. Relevancy is super important for your website. What we do is liaise with you to find out whom your market is and come up with a strategy that will be most beneficial to your market and your business. We have incredible plans for you to implement across your market- we think you will be surprised!
Get Results
The sole aim of your website should be to serve as three functions.

1. Collect leads for future marketing.

2. Provide value, Provide value, Provide value.

3. Lead site users to take some concrete action.

All of this is part of the funnel system. Most online marketing agencies fail to recognize and tell you that your funnel begins with SEO.

You can have a website that is set up for high conversions, provides amazing content and gets people to take specific actions. But that’s completely useless unless this traffic is coming to your website.

To get the results you first need to be seen by Google and recognized by Google that you are an authority on the subject. Google does this by using sophisticated algorithms which regularly updated.

You can’t be expected to be keeping up with what Google is doing you run a business you shouldn’t have too.

It’s our duty here Aardvark works, our responsibility, to make sure that your website pleases Google.

When your site is correctly set up, has all the conversion elements in place is an informative place for your users.

Is easy for them to navigate through and to take a particular action you need them too.

The icing on the cake is the results, more traffic, more clients, more revenue.

If you want to future proof your business today, head straight over to our main service page and fill out our form.

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