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Are you curious about what a digital marketing specialist can do to increase your customer base, foot traffic, call enquiries and sales?

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It’s helpful to understand what a digital marketing agency does and what you can expect when working with one if you’re wondering how a new Plymouth digital marketing agency might help with your marketing efforts.

Let me give a simplified explanation.

A simple explanation of digital marketing is online marketing information, products and services.

  • Search engine marketing (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management

Digital marketing uses online platforms and technology to market your products and services on the Internet effectively, so you can better reach and convert qualified leads. With digital marketing, you can also easily monitor customer behaviour and engagement, so you can track the success of your campaigns and quickly identify which strategies are driving results.


What does a digital marketing agency do?

By developing and managing cutting-edge methods to market your goods and services online, a digital marketing agency will help your company’s digital marketing needs.

What makes Aardvark Works different?

We focus solely on organic marketing- the antithesis of paid marketing strategies. That means we don’t use any paid advertising mechanism to get in front of all your ideal clients.

You may think to yourself, how is that useful to a business?

Suppose you take a moment to think about any time you’ve pulled out your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop to purchase. In that case, whether it was a direct online purchase from somewhere like Harvey Norman the warehouse, Noel Leeming’s the supermarket for shopping gym or golfing shoes booking a fishing trip away with the boys or getting the girls together for a day spa pamper.

Whenever you made that search the way that you interacted with the search engines, i.e. Google, yahoo DuckDuckGo on any of your browsers, the search engine was able to determine who was the most relevant and authoritative website image or video or content to put in front of you to assist you with your search.

And since we’re talking about search intent to purchase. The search engines know what business to display to give the business opportunity.

When you performed those searches, the results presented were a mix of local businesses, Google maps, knowledge graphs, snippets and organic listings.

During your online search, you were likely presented with adverts for those products, whether Google shopping or companies advertising, to get in front of your search.

Our point of difference is that we get in front of those people looking to make those purchases without paid advertising. So, yes, of course, you’re paying us to perform what we do, but you don’t have the extra cost of managing ad spending or a campaign manager.

Our digital marketing approach revolves around how individuals hunt for goods and services and create online assets that attract business opportunities 24/7 for years.


What to expect from a digital marketing agency

If you’re considering hiring a local digital marketing agency, you may wonder what to expect when working with them.

Before meeting with an agency, think about your current marketing plans, and know your budget and key performance markers so that the digital marketing service provider has clarity around your expectations.

As a Digital marketing service provider, we will work with your primary objectives to understand KPIs, timelines, costs and the process.

The benefits are:

  • You’ll save time and money
  • Identify revenue-driven strategies
  • Streamlined performance channels
  • Tools to run effective campaigns
  • Higher ROI

If you want to transform your online approach and get a more consistent stream of higher-quality enquiries and sales using a proven, streamlined organic lead generation process, Contact us today to learn more about how our digital marketing agency can drive revenue for

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