Reputation Management Matters

Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the most important aspects of any business – and it’s not just for the big brands anymore. Small businesses, start-ups, and even individual entrepreneurs need to take steps to protect their reputations if they want to stay afloat in a competitive marketplace.

When I perform Google Map audits for businesses, it’s common to encounter negative reviews.

There are many different ways to manage these unfavourable reviews. One of them is to push negative reviews down and get them out of the way, which is a strategy that varies in technical difficulty.

For example, maybe Someone Came into Your business That Day, and the Person They interacted with Wasn’t Having a Very Good Day. However, isn’t it a reflection of the company is it? Maybe Maybe Not.

For the most part, bad reviews are often minor and can be corrected. Here are five reasons why online reputation management is so important for small businesses today.

5 Steps to better reputation management

Take the discussion offline as quickly as possible. Check out the screenshot below from one of our customers’ accounts to see how it got handled.


Respond to reviews quickly and directly 

Thank customers for their feedback and take steps to address any concerns. If a review is negative, be sure to offer help or solutions so that the customer can have an enjoyable experience overall.


Ask them questions

This will help you understand what went wrong and why they had such an adverse reaction. Do your best to address each issue raised in detail (if possible). Listening will go a long way in repairing your relationship with reviewers and might even help reduce future complaints.


Respond to specific criticisms

If any critical comments need a response, do so as quickly as possible. Address the issue head-on.


Don’t be robotic

No one wants a company that’s too perfect – mistakes happen, so show some humanity in your responses. Even if you can’t solve every problem (or even address most criticisms), being genuine will go a long way in restoring customer confidence.


Turning Negative Reviews into Gold

The following video demonstrates how to effectively market your company by leveraging any feedback.

Key Takeways

1. Reviews Are Useful

2. To identify what individuals are saying about your company, filter through your reviews.

3. To Get More Intel about Your Competition, Filter Through Your Competitor’s Reviews (Watch the video for a powerful tip)

4. Make Leaving Feedback Easy At All Times

5. Make sure You Have a Regular Reputation Management Program

How to use review insights

Google restaurant reviews

You’ll discover intriguing facts when you run tools against the data or attempt to collect new data.

According to the graph above, the demographic of persons reading restaurant reviews is generally male, and most searches are performed by persons aged 35-54. So what can you summarise from this discovery?

Based on other factors such as age range, you may market to males in the 35-44 demographic.

  • Men currently dating
  • Engaged men
  • Newly married men


You may include recently divorced males or recently divorced males dating in the age range 45-54. In addition, you can use various options and life situations for men in that age group as part of your overall marketing for your restaurant.

Protect your reputation

Ultimately, an Ongoing Reputation Management Plan Is Required If You Want To Get Rid Of Google Reviews Problems For Good. On Your Behalf, we will handle All Aspects of your Google Business Profile Reputation Management 24 Hours a Day. We Can also handle Unsolicited Negative Feedback.