Unlock Your Digital Potential

Discover the top digital essentials to help your local business.

*P.S. We will not tell you to do, paid advertisements, dancing videos, plan social media posts or take selfies.

Maximise your

online footprint

Every company has its distinct personality. We’ll pinpoint the specific growth factors stopping your company from growing on the internet and show you how to speed up your website presence + expand your reach on the internet. We’ll talk about how we market and show the numbers that you can expect from a partnership.

Conversion Strategies

We’ll discuss techniques to boost your earnings and get down to the specifics. Then, we’ll give you a strategy to dramatically increase your store traffic, inbound calls, and high-quality enquiries to close more sales.

Your Next Steps for Creating More Revenue

We’ll unlock a strategic plan to assist you in expanding your online presence, considering your unique industry and position. This session will discuss how to build expertise, clever free advertising, and increase your visibility in the competitive online environment.

What I liked most about working with Burt is that he’s very honest, he’s very direct. He says this is what i’m gonna do and he goes out and does it which I think is amazing.  Like I said our rankings have been one, two and three for the last year which is incredible.

Darren Hogg

Director, Skopik