New Plymouth CITY

Things To Do In our place ‘like no other.’

Below you will find some of the most exciting things to do in New Plymouth.

New Plymouth offers so many things for its visitors who flock to it every year. The locals already enjoy the many fruits of the city and are converts of the picturesque city.
Many try to equate New Plymouth to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. But New Plymouth has its own identity and offerings. We like to think our city is as unique as the bold mountain that hovers of the province.
If you are a visitor, we welcome you with open arms and hearts. Wherever you are from be sure to add as many items on this page to your bucket list.
We are confident that you’ll fall in love with New Plymouth. There are so many things for you to explore and enjoy here in the city by the sea — a place like no other, New Plymouth.


New Plymouth is overflowing with cafes to meet every need you might have. I have compiled a list of my favourites to share with you. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and the aromatic coffee that’s served daily here in NP.
The city of New Plymouth has a vibrant coffee community. There is no shortage of choices to please your coffee yearning.
Want to take in the scenic views over your favourite soy latte? Sip outside over a sea breeze in the late spring or summer. Many locals love to enjoy coffee in the centre of the city, and you’re most welcome to join in!
Whatever your tastes. There is a diversified food range in New Plymouth; you will find a real treat.


Love, pure vegan? Try loving hut or take the luscious scenic coastal drive to Oakura to Lemonwood eatery where you can get your vegan cuisine fix.



One of my favourite experiences in life is trying out local eateries and restaurants. New Plymouth hosts restaurants in the city, beside the sea and bushwalk locations.
There are also restaurants on mt Taranaki. Perfect for those who want to eat while enjoying stunning views.

Many New Zealanders love seafood. The local seafood cuisine gets served by some of the most excellent restaurants in the province. If you are in the middle of the city, you could try Marinovich’s or the idyllic views of Salt, Arborio or Gusto.

Wherever you decide to go, we know that your desire for seafood will be rewarded!


Many New Z







From local bands and events to fully fledged festivals such as Womad New Plymouth has a lot of entertainment on offer.

Maybe you are interested in plays such as Mary Poppins that was just recently run by the operatic society.

mary poppins- new plymouth operatic society

Maybe music is your thang?!? Well, could have just the right thing for you!


new plymouths womad


Taranaki is lined with amazing places to surf.


Taranaki has so 

Mountain climbing

Mt Taranaki offers many different climbing opportunities in any season, and you won’t be disappointed by its majestic offerings.

From abseiling to traditional forms of climbing Mt Taranaki is sure to satisfy the most avid mountain climber.


Taranaki gets overshadowed by a giant Maunga, Mount Taranaki (Mt Taranaki is formally known as Mt Egmont).

The second most symmetrical mountain in the world after Japans mt Fujiama.

Although Mt Taranaki has a ski field it’s no Whakapapa, Coronet Peak or Cardrona. But, its a stone throw away from central NP.

Mt Taranaki is available for you to enjoy in the winter or summer.


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Taranaki has a very live, vibrant and supportive rugby community. Many games both local, national and international matches were played at New Plymouth’s premier rugby mecca Yarrow’s stadium.


Every weekend during rugby season you will find scores of locals enjoying local club games.

If Rugby is your thing, then you will feel right at home in New Plymouth.

‘The best city in the world we reckon is NEW PLYMOUTH.
Where you can turn your dreams into reality’