Juggling business capacity for SEO in Taranaki


But everyone wants customers.

Everyone wants more business, but not everybody has the current capacity to serve more. So when we’re talking about search engine optimization and driving more business opportunities, one issue that has come up over the years is the lack of capacity.

So if you get more call volume to your business, the business impact increases significantly. If, you’re unable to handle those calls or service those customers; that becomes a business operations issue. And if you don’t have enough capacity, you may struggle to keep up with demand from existing clients or your potential new ones.

And this can lead to things like cancellations and lower sales as a result. Additionally, if there’s too much demand on a business’s limited resources, it can negatively impact the quality of service. So having a suitable capacity is crucial for any business. And it may mean that for some companies, you need to invest in your resources or hire more personnel to meet increased demand.

So my real focus here is just around how search engine optimization increases the amount of web traffic, foot traffic, calls, form signups and all that type of stuff on your websites, also lead magnets, which is just some kind of cheat sheet, a giveaway, something constructive and helpful to somebody who’s come to your website to move them along the path to purchase.

Questions to ponder

You may need to ask your business how much can be accomplished in an hour. With the current staffing level, how many customers the company currently serves per day and how many more can you take on?

How many hours and resources are required each day to maintain equipment and or infrastructure around a new client, the amount of time it takes to process new orders, how much additional space is necessary to store inventory for each new client, and how much time is needed to train your employees?

And I think all of these questions come up regarding capacity, the number of cancellations that occur each month due to overbooking or other capacity constraints or restraints. So those types of things need to come into play, including the restocking of items and the amount of time required to restock items or process complaints and returns.

Someone might be in the way

Some of the other overlooked elements of lead generation or getting new clients through the door are layers of management. Sometimes, making decisions or getting requests through the hierarchy can take longer to get a job or project signed off. This scenario can create an inefficient flow of information between departments, resulting in delayed orders or incorrect data.

So these are efficiency and performance issues. Again, I don’t proclaim to be an expert in any of that stuff, but through my experience, this happens when there are no provisions in the org for an increase in dumped growth opportunities due to SEO. Caveat: every business is different, and this looks different depending on the company

If I were to summarize this, many businesses go into SEO services blind. But, you know, so many factors go into play when investing in search engine optimization. And it runs the gamut from not understanding what it is, what to expect when you get a search engine agency on board, or what happens during fulfilment.

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Mo’ budget, Mo’ questions

So you’ve got a marketing budget set aside that you want to invest and search in some capacity.

Do you also have the internal capability, capacity and handling mechanism for new clients? Because I’ve seen many businesses say they do, but don’t, which leads to other issues.

One such question an SEO firm often can get is, can we turn the systems off or pull on the reigns?

Well, you actually can’t. Ok. Some systems yes however there are consequences no matter what you do.

And if you do turn off many of the mechanisms in place for your business, it can take months of reinvesting into SEO to get your placement back in the search engines again. One thing that you’ve got to remember is that your competition is not waiting for you. So they’re continuously trying to outperform you online to get in front of new potential customers and clients with their products and services.

Just turn it off they say

If you stop with the SEO service and drop off further down to a page or off-page one because you asked the agency to turn it off, there is a detrimental cost to doing that.

There is. And it’s not just time; it’s financial. And it’s stressful for businesses and the agency. So today’s focus anyway is around the capacity aspect of it. So, before you think about working with a search agency, take a moment to reflect. Do we have the capacity to take on more work, customers, and clients?

Ask yourselves if we can take on more clients and get granular. Well, we can take on another client with our current staff. So we can take on another client per month before it puts too much strain and stress on the business. So those are the kinds of things you need to review.

And then that’ll help you think about how to plan moving forward with your business and using search.


Are you contemplating SEO Services?

Maybe you need help with on-page or off-page optimization. Perhaps you need to hunker down and find better keywords for your business. Maybe you don’t even have keywords for your business. Possibly you don’t have a keyword strategy for your business. Reach out if you want to discuss the process of an audit of your website and the potential upside; if it’s underperforming, and if you’re not on page one, definitely reach out.

Also, if you’re not getting any leads through your business calls and increasing the volume of foot traffic through your online digital assets, your website, your Google business profile, or any of your social media stuff, then reach out.

P.S we don’t do social media at all. All of our stuff is organic, so it’s long-lasting. It works 24/7 and has the highest return on investment on anything out there.

So reach out if you need a hand with it. I rank everywhere in Taranaki, and you can get seen everywhere your potential customers look online too!