Burt Ropiha, Director, Aardvark Works

I’m sure you are well aware that online marketing is a BIG thing. What you may not be aware of is how slimy or invasive it can be when done wrong.

To avoid wishy-washy marketing, never market without doing any research about your ideal customer.

wishy washy digital marketing

WARNING: A common mistake is not getting granular enough. Avoid casting your net too wide, trying to be everything to everyone. You get the best marketing material by niching down and segmenting your information. Be sure to dive as deep as you can into your potential market’s problems to uncover their real struggles.

Bonus tip: Use your deep dive discovery to use as marketing material. Show you understand and know how to solve the issues of your market.

Don’t be wishy-washy with your marketing. Supercharge your marketing campaigns by performing in-depth market research.

Take action today even if the task seems mammoth. You know the old saying- start with the tail.

Final tip: Use that in-depth dive information to make posts and videos for social media.