Burt Ropiha, Director, Aardvark Works
Hi everyone, Welcome back!

Imagine yourselves in one of these situations. You’re going to a new place that you’ve never been to before and want something to eat there. So what do you do? I imagine that you’d reach for your phone. Then search for ‘best pizza in New Plymouth,’ for example, on Google.

I took a video of myself looking for the same term on my iPhone’s screen to demonstrate to you.

Google’s algorithm provides information to your phone, which it processes to generate a response. For example, you want Google to provide the searcher with your company name if you want more business for your Pizza restaurant, don’t you?

‘SEO Agencies New Plymouth’ is the phrase I use in this Google query to ask my iPhone.

Can you see how much real estate my website has on the screen? How much more credible do you find it? My company has generated positive feedback on numerous occasions. Based on their first impressions, who do you believe people would want to do business with on that page?

You get more chances to help people when you get found online. So take a minute to think about how this business-building tool works and ask your gadget the following:

‘Where is the best (your product or service) in (your city).’
‘Where is the best pizza in New Plymouth.’
‘(your product or service) near me.’
‘Pizza stores near me.’
‘(your product or service) in (Your city).’
Pizza stores in New Plymouth
Can people find your business?
Does Google love your business?

If you do not have one, go set up your Google my business account.

HINT: Your Name, Address, and phone number must be identical to your website’s business description.

So, for today, I’m finished. I wish you excellent health and happiness!