Burt Ropiha, Director, Aardvark Works

Hi everyone, Welcome back!

Picture these scenarios for a moment.

When you travel to a new city, you have never been to before, and you want something to eat. What do you do?

I would imagine that you would pull out your smartphone. Then go to Google and say ‘best pizza in New Plymouth’ or something similar.

I recorded a video of myself searching for the same term on the screen of my iPhone to show you.

Your phone gets information from Google’s algorithm to return a result it thinks you want.

If you want more business for your Pizza shop, you want Google to serve up your business name to the searcher, right?

Check out this example: where I ask my iPhone in Google search ‘SEO Agencies New Plymouth.’

Can you see how much onscreen real estate my online assets get?

How much more authoritative does it look to you?

My business is present many times and has incredible reviews!

Who do you think people want to do business with on that page based on their first impressions?

Getting found online means more opportunity to serve more people.

Take a moment to reflect on this business generating tool and ask your device the following:

‘Where is the best (your product or service) in (your city)’
‘Where is the best pizza in New Plymouth’
‘(your product or service) near me’
‘Pizza stores near me.’
‘(your product or service) in (Your city)’
Pizza stores in New Plymouth
Can people find your business?
Does Google love your business?

Go set up your Google my business account if you do not have one.

HINT: Your Name, Address and phone number must be identical to your website’s description of your business.

Well, that’s all I have for you to digest today.

I wish you good health and happiness!

See you in the next episode.